Visų tipų rutulinių guolių blokų viena stotelė
High Temperature Bearing Units

-40℃ to +400℃

Customized Bearing Units

Shorter lead time

Agricultural Bearings

from single lip to 7th lips sealing solution

Air Handling Bearing Units
High Speed Bearing Units
Corrosion Resistant Bearing Units

Instead of Stainless Steel Bearing Units

Insert Bearing

37 series

from ID=8mm to ID=140mm

50 METŲ Dėmesys guoliams
Plummerio blokų korpusai
Maintenance Free Bearing Units


2022 Dec Product News:FK Upgraded the Version of Stainless Steel Bearing Units

From January 1, 2023, FK Stainless Steel Bearing Units will be delivered under t

FK High Temperature Bearing Units HT40 Series with a Working Temperature of 400 C for Batch Installation Application

Recently, according to feedback from users in North America and Europe, FK

FK High Speed&Mute Bearing Units passed the 10100 rpm high speed life test verification

Recently, FK received a test report from China Mechanical Industry Bearing Produ

FK Bearing Group was listed in 2022 China State-Level Specialized and Special New Little Giant Enterprise

On August 10, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched the f

2022 FK July Social Welfare Report | FK Chairman donates 1 million yuan for hometown education

"Pay attention to education, Boundless love to Social Affair", on July



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