2024 China National Intellectual Property Publicity Week Activities, themed "Transformation and application of intellectual property rights to promote high-quality development," jointly organized by 24 departments including China National Intellectual Property Administration, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the National Copyright Administration, and the State Council Information Office, was officially launched on April 20, 2024.

2024 FK anti-counterfeiting activity is in progress

For a long time, FK Bearing Group has attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and has applied for more than 300 invention patents and trademark design copyrights and nearly 100 (China national and regional) product trademarks.

In recent years, various customs offices have helped seize more than 20 cases of infringement of FK-related trademarks.

Recently, a customs has seized the Philippine bearings declared for export by Yiwu Gaosha Import and Export Co., Ltd., which are suspected of infringing on FK exclusive trademark rights. In order to combat counterfeiting, FK bearing group has applied for customs to seize and destruction processing these bearings. After the case is confirmed, FK bearing group will sue the relevant exporters and manufacturers suspected of infringement.

Some counterfeit  FK products seized by customs

The picture above ↑ shows some of the counterfeit products seized by customs

Now,FK Bearing Group is a national intellectual property advantage enterprise. Founded in 1969, FK is the abbreviation of “Find solution, Keep rotation”, which decides that the company should grow the business by providing products and services from the end user's point of view. Founded in 1969, FK has been focusing on bearing units research, production and integrated solutions for applications, our more than 50 years’ experience in bearing units drive us to strive for Bearing Units Expert and Leading Supplier, FK Bearing Group was awarded “Manufacturing Single Item Champion Enterprise (Bearing Units)”.

2024 FK strengthens intellectual property protection

As a member of the National Rolling Bearing Standardization Technical Committee, FK Bearing Group is the main drafter of 7 China National Bearing Units Standards and 7 China Industry Bearing Units Standards. We have a provincial-level enterprise technology center in Fujian, a research institute for high-speed &mute bearing units, a testing center for long-life bearing units, and two production bases in Nanan and Xiamen. We are a national level “little giant” enterprise that focus on specialization, refinement, uniqueness and innovation and a national high-tech enterprise.

FK-China Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise